Paisley Guitar Pickguard for a Fender Telecaster

A New Custom Guitar Pickguard Fairy Tale

Chris Colonna's Plain Fender Telecaster

Once upon a time, there was a boring old Fender Telecaster hanging on the wall with a black guitar pickguard. It played well, but it just didn't have the style its owner, Chris Colonna, longed for. He wanted to have that "Brad Paisley" look since he loved playing country music.

One day, his sister, Desiree, bought a big ole' UV Printer. She suggested he buy a new pickguard from and send it to her to play around with. 

So he did. The rest is history.

Desiree designed a custom guitar pickguard in cream paisley for Chris and sent it back to him. He put it on the guitar and that guitar was no longer boring but amazing, gorgeous and bright. Chris played that guitar all night long and with the new guitar pickguard, it felt and played like it was brand new. He then, lived happily ever after gigging around Baltimore the rest of his life with his amazing guitar.
If you'd like a fairy tale of your own, contact Desiree directly at 833 ARTIST6 or 278-4786. She'd love to be your very own guitar pickguard fairy godmother!