Willie Nelson's Guitar Trigger Totally Pickguard Less

Did Willie Nelson's Guitar, Trigger, Need a Pickguard?

So, did Willie Nelson's guitar, Trigger, need its own pickguard? Willie's guitar is the stuff of legends. Trigger, as its so called, actually has its own documentary and Wikipedia page. But would Trigger be Trigger if Willie had used a pickguard? Probably not. 

The big, gaping hole in the middle, and we're not talking about the sound hole, came from the abuse this poor guitar took for over 50 years without a pickguard. I wonder what Trigger would say if he could talk? I bet there were days on the road he longed for a pickguard. 

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We'll bet Trigger would have agreed, a spanking new pickguard would have saved his poor body from the scratches and holes that were inflicted on it over the years. Here's the one he probably would have picked. (Pun intended.)

Although Willie swears by the sound of his guitar and many a luther might agree, don't let your own pickguard down. Consider one of our designs or work with us directly on your own custom design today.