Country Bass Player Honors Mom on his Pickguard

Country Bass Player Honors Mom on his Pickguard

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Clay Krasner was looking for a way to keep his mother's memory with him on the road. He came across our Pickguard Artist account on instagram and knew he had to contact us after he saw us put a picture of another customer's father on a pickguard. 

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Clay lost his mother when he was 11. He bought his first guitar with the first social security check he received after she passed away. It started a love affair with music and he went on to currently play in both Terri Clark and Reba McEntire's bands. Clay is still touring with both ladies.

"My mother passed away when I was 11 years old and it was money from the first social security death benefit check that paid for my very first guitar. So, it’s a real statement to say that, on at least a couple fronts, without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. I decided to honor my mother with a picture of her on my main bass of the last 30 years, a '91 @music_man Stingray 5. 

"Desiree was able to place the image of my mom is perfectly placed between the neck and pickup and the volume knob sits directly over the front left wheel of the toy truck.

Now, Mom continues to be with me whenever I play this bass." posted Clay on his instagram page.

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We were honored to help Clay make his dream come true and honor his mother on this bass guitar pickguard. We hope it brings back many happy memories now and in the future.